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Can HYPE help you? Please read below to find out how HYPE can be a useful program for you and your child.


Who is our typical student?

The ideal student for our program is a middle schooler who has fallen behind his or her classmates in math, reading, or both subjects. Since all tutoring occurs in a one-on-one setting, our services are especially helpful to students who need individualized attention outside of the classroom.


How much does it cost?

Our tutoring services are entirely free. Financial support for transportation is also available to certain students. HYPE is supported by grants and private donations.


When/Where are tutoring sessions held?

Scheduling is very flexible, with tutoring on both weeknights and weekends. Sessions are held in public locations, such as libraries, in central Minneapolis.


Who are HYPE tutors?

Our tutors are young professionals from a variety of backgrounds who work at local companies ranging from Target to Travelers. Before working with children, all tutors are screened using background checks, reference verifications, and interviews to ensure students’ safety.  Instructors are also trained on proper techniques for teaching math and reading.





How does the tutoring work?

After an initial evaluation, our tutors use mini lessons to fill in gaps in students’ knowledge bases. Students then practice new skills to make sure they are retained. We believe it is essential to track tutees’ progress with a variety of academic assessments, while also seeking feedback from parents, students, and teachers.


HYPE believes in the potential of the individual, who—when provided with the right resources and enough support—can prosper and achieve success through the empowerment of knowledge. If the above sounds useful for your student, please contact us at students@hype-tc.org or call us at (651) 309-2282.



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