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Believe the HYPE:
We believe in the transformative power of education.
We believe learning is the indispensable foundation of success.
We believe in the unique influence of the young professional as a mentor.
Most importantly, we believe in the potential of the individual, who—when provided with the right resources and enough support—can prosper and achieve success through the empowerment of knowledge.


HYPE utilizes young professionals to provide intensive, intervention tutoring to middle school students. We are a Community Partner in Minneapolis Public Schools and also work with smaller schools and organizations throughout the Twin Cities. 


The HYPE Model:


1. Intensive intervention programming
HYPE identifies students who have fallen behind their peers based on grades, teacher observations, and standardized test scores. Our tutors then utilize intervention programming to fill in gaps in these students’ knowledge bases, so that they can perform at grade level. We focus on the subjects of math and reading, as they are the foundation of a well-rounded education.
2. One-on-one sessions
Students are paired up with one tutor for the entire tutoring term. One-on-one pairings allow tutors to serve as mentors and increase student engagement.  Our approach benefits those students who have trouble learning in a classroom setting.
3. Middle school focus
Middle school students are at an important crossroads. They have been in school long enough for teachers and parents to identify the areas in which they succeed and in which they struggle, and there is still enough time to supplement their schooling with additional instruction before they enter high school.
4. Young professionals as mentors
As recent college graduates and successful employees, young professionals understand the importance of education. They also represent an untapped and diverse resource, as they typically have lower rates of volunteerism. HYPE tutors are trained in proper techniques for teaching math and reading.





A Brief History

In early 2012, a group of recent college graduates founded HYPE-Twin Cities to provide high-quality academic support for underachieving youth in the Twin Cities.  The founders experienced firsthand the profound effect that an effective education can have on a student’s future as peer tutors in middle and high school and in their own lives. Now, HYPE-Twin Cities equips other young professionals to pass on these lessons to the next generation, while also helping middle schoolers improve their self-confidence both inside and outside the classroom.



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